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Say ‘I do’ to saving pennies on your wedding Posted On 15 June 2018

According to the latest findings from over 2,000 brides and grooms-to-be in confetti.co.uk’s latest survey, over half of weddings now feature homemade invitations, stationery and favours. But can you really have the wedding you want without overspending?

On the 19th of May 2018 the eyes of the world were firmly focused on St George’s Chapel Windsor, for the wedding of Prince Henry Charles Albert David Windsor and Rachel Meghan Markle.

Meghan and Prince Harry’s nuptials reportedly cost a staggering £32million – a far cry from what the average couple in the UK will spend. The UK Wedding Statistics 2017 report by confetti.co.uk covers everything from new social media trends to colours, themes and the average cost of a wedding – which is now said to be £15,000, with almost a quarter of all couples saying that they spent £10-15k on their wedding day.

The Invitations.

The growth of DIY weddings over the last few years has been phenomenal – and they are not just reserved for brides who like crafting! There are now so many easy ways to make your wedding completely personal and unique with craft accessories and online tutorials. It can be a great way cut costs, provide a wonderful bonding experience with close friends and family – and is great fun too!

When brides were asked, ‘what did you do yourself or with help from friends and family?’, 56% said that they made their own invitations and other wedding stationery, while almost half of couples made their own decorations. Even supermarket chain Aldi have their own wedding range!

Kate Thompson, wedding industry expert, said: “Over half of weddings now feature some homemade element, with an incredible 56% of brides making their own wedding invitations, table planners and thank you cards, and 62% now making their own favours. The trend for homemade weddings is definitely on the rise, perhaps in part thanks to Confetti’s DIY wedding accessories and tutorials.”

The Flowers.

What about the flowers? A sprig of Myrtle has been a traditional inclusion in all royal bouquets since 1840 at the wedding of Queen Victoria and is supposed to represent luck and fidelity in a marriage. When choosing yours for the big day, think about your colour schemes and whether you want to keep it simple or go for extravagance. The more elaborate you go, the higher the cost is set to be.


When it comes to favours, these don’t have to be fancy and cost the earth to impress your guests. There are tons of ideas out there to give your favours the wow factor – from personalised wedding favour bottles and personalised scratch cards, there’s something for everyone, whatever your budget. And with 62% admitting that they made their own favours, it’s clear to see that this is a popular choice amongst couples choosing to keep costs down.

The cake.

With an impressive 40% making their own wedding cake, why not give it a go? The average cost of a wedding cake is £300 so making your own could save you lots of pennies. Or if you’re not confident in doing it yourself and have a baking friend or family member who always impress with their bakes, why not ask them to get creative for you?

What’s on the menu?

Today’s couples might still be planning their dream wedding, but they are also inviting fewer guests to help keep costs down. More couples are also now choosing to marry later in the day, in order to pay for only one meal for their guests, instead of the customary two. This one meal is often now a cheaper buffet rather than the formal seated wedding breakfast, followed by a later evening reception.


OK, so you might not be able to afford the likes of Ed Sheeran or the Spice Girls at your wedding reception, but there are lots of traditional and alternative options available for your evening entertainment. The most popular wedding entertainment is a DJ, followed by a live band/ musician. Photo booths are also a great way of capturing the spirit of your special day – and can be great fun!

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