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Paddington returns! Posted On 22 August 2019

Everybody loves Paddington Bear. So much so, that Royal Mint have created a series of 50p coins emblazoned with his iconic image to help continue the commemoration of 60 years of the famous bear

With a love of marmalade sandwiches, the affection for Michael Bond’s creation, Paddington, has spread far and wide – both in books and on screen.

A new 50p coin depicting the famous character entered circulation in August with the new designs depicting Paddington visiting the Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral.

The new coin follows the release of Paddington Bear coins in 2018 – which showed Paddington visiting Buckingham Palace and his namesake train station in the city centre – both of which marked the 60th anniversary of the lovable character.

How it all began

The story of how Paddington Bear came to life began on Christmas Eve, 1956. While he was working as a BBC cameraman, his creator, Michael Bond, bought a small toy bear which had been left by itself on a shelf in a London department store.

Feeling sorry for it, Bond took it home and gifted it to his wife. However, some months later he saw the bear sitting on the mantelpiece and it sparked an idea that would lead to the world sharing in the delights of Paddington and his exploits in Bond’s first published book, A Bear Called Paddington, which was released in 1958: “When I wrote those few words, I had no idea quite what a change they would eventually make to my life,” explains Bond.

“It was really a case of putting something down on paper to get my brain working that morning.”

Nicola Howell, Director of Consumer Coin at the Royal Mint, said of the launch of the new designs: “Following the huge popularity of the coins featuring the much-loved bear last year, we thought it was only right that Paddington continued his adventures around London on UK coinage.

“Paddington Bear is a massive part of British popular culture and is a favourite amongst fans of all ages, who we’re sure will be looking out for him in their change, the first of which will go into tills in the Royal Mint Experience.”

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