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Breathe new life into your living room Posted On 18 June 2018

You don’t have to make big changes to make a room exciting and more inviting

Fake it!

A home always looks more homely with the addition of flowers. However, buying fresh can be expensive if you want to keep the look long-term. So why not buy good quality artificial flowers instead?

Display them in a large stylish glass vase as you would fresh flowers and tweak until you’re happy with the arrangement.


Change the texture and feel of a room simply by replacing any rugs you may have. Introduce a light, natural fibre rug to lighten things up and create a more relaxed, summery feel. Doing this will be fairly inexpensive, stylish and durable – perfect!


Changing your furniture can be expensive but an easy way to get around this is to up-cycle! It’s a massive trend at the moment and lighter on the purse strings. If you’re feeling brave and up for the challenge but not sure of where to start, there is plenty of inspiration and how-to’s on the Internet. Go for it!

Change lampshades

If your old sources of light are looking a bit drab and in need of an update, rather than buy brand new lamps, look into getting new shades for them instead. Tie in your colour scheme with all the other elements such as cushion covers and throws and you’ll be well on the way for having a co-ordinated – and new looking – living room.


Perhaps the easiest way to brighten up the mood in a room is to change your pillows and cushions. If your pillow inserts are in good condition, save yourself some pennies by buying new cushion covers instead.

Remember to look for fabrics that are easy to clean as well – especially if you have children or pets! There’s nothing worse than spillages that can’t be easily cleaned; meaning that it can cost you more in the long run if they need replacing.

Re-arrange furniture

The cheapest option for giving your living room a new lease of life is absolutely free and requires hardly any effort from you either! Simply re-arranging your furniture can make you feel like you’re in a totally new room, satisfying your need for change.

Experiment with moving your sofa and tables around to different locations. And if you don’t like it? You can just change it back again!

Add a throw

Introducing a throw to the room is a great way of tying all of the elements of a room together and re-enforce the feel that you are creating. If your living room colours are neutral, add a splash of colour with your choice of throw. Take inspiration from your new cushion covers too. Colour trends for this summer are yellows and blues.

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